Prolog+CG 2.0

Contacting the maintainer

The maintainer's name is Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, and he can be contacted at:

(Convert this to a valid e-mail address before writing.)

Please use the forums

The preferred way of contact is to use the forums.

No support!

Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen cannot provide support for Prolog+CG. Thus if you need help with using Prolog+CG, please don't write to him. Instead, you can read the resources available from the Documentation page.

Bugreports welcome

While Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen cannot provide support, he is happy to receive bugreports. Please write to him using one of the above means and tell him of your troubles.

Please don't write to Prof. Kabbaj

Please don't write to Prof. Kabbaj, the author of Prolog+CG, about Prolog+CG 2.0. He has made a better version of Prolog+CG in his new framework, the Amine Platform, and he would like to concentrate on this rather than the legacy Prolog+CG.

Again, if you need to contact anyone about Prolog+CG 2.0, please contact me, the maintainer.