Prolog+CG 2.0

Installation prerequisites

You need a version of Java 6 or newer to run Prolog+CG 2.0.

Installation instructions

On Windows

Download the latest .exe setup file. Run it to install. Then run the program from your Start menu.

On Mac OS X

Download the latest .dmg disk image. Open the .dmg file. Drag thicon in your Applications folder.

On all other platforms

  1. Download the latest ZIP file.

  2. Unpack it anywhere on your harddrive using a ZIP program.

  3. Create a shell script which contains the command line:

    /substitute/the/right/path/to/java-binary/java -cp classes PrologPlusCG/PrologPlusCG

    The current working directory should be the root of the contents of the ZIP file (e.g., PPCG-2.0.16/)