Prolog+CG 2.0

FAQ - overview

The following questions are answered here:

1. What is Prolog+CG 2.0?

Prolog+CG is a Java implementation of the Prolog programming language, with extensions for supporting Conceptual Graphs. This makes Prolog+CG useful for knowledge representation, reasoning about meaning, reasoning about narratives (formal narratology), and other purposes.

2. What is the status of Prolog+CG 2.0?

Prolog+CG 2.0 is Alpha/Beta quality code. It is a prototype not suited for production use. It is, however, interesting as a research platform, and as a teaching platform. See What is Prolog+CG 2.0? for more information.

Prolog+CG 2.0 is legacy code. A newer, better version has been developed, and has been released as part of the Amine-platform.

Prolog+CG 2.0 is not under development. It is in maintenance mode, meaning that bugs will be fixed if possible and if reported. Again, if you need more features, please take a look at what will be offered in the Amine-platform.

3. Who is behind this?

Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen is behind this website. He is the current maintainer of Prolog+CG, and the one you should contact for questions and bugreports. Note, however, that he cannot provide support for Prolog+CG. If you need help in using Prolog+CG, I suggest that you take a look at the Documentation page.

Prof. Dr. Adil Kabbaj of the INSEA institute in Morocco is the author of Prolog+CG. Please do not contact Dr. Kabbaj about Prolog+CG. All inquiries should go through me or through the forums.

Prof. Kabbaj has developed a new, better version of Prolog+CG, which is included in the Amine-platform.

4. Do you have permission to do this?

Do I, Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, have permission to publish Prolog+CG and its documentation? Yes. I have the legal right-of-way to do so, graciously given to me by Prof. Dr. Adil Kabbaj.

5. On what platforms does it run?

Prolog+CG should run on any platform with Java 6 or later.

If it doesn't, please contact Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen and tell him of your troubles.